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Number and gender in Hindi

Number and gender in Hindi

Singular               Plural

Masculine -aa                   -e

Feminine  -ii                       -iyãa (nouns)

-ii (adjectives and verbs)


A few examples:


beTaa (son) बेटा beTe (sons) बेटे

bacca (child) बच्चा bacce (children) बच्चे

buraa (bad) बुरा bure बुरे


beTii (daughter) बेटी beTiyãa बेटियाँ

baccii (child) बच्ची bacciyãa बच्चियाँ

burii (bad) बुरी burii बुरी


acchaa laRkaa अच्छा लड़का (good boy) acche laRke अच्छे लड़के (good boys)

acchii laRkii अच्छी लड़कि (good girl) acchii laRkiyãa अच्छी  लड़कीयाँ

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