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Old English Translation Exercice 1

Here is a passage of  Ælfric telling some things about Jesus Christ. Its just a translation exercice. First you have the text in Old English, then its translation into Modern English and Portuguese.

(6) Hē wæs būton synnum ācenned, and his līf wæs eal būton synnum. (7) Ne worhte hē þēan nāne wundra openlīce ǣr-þan þe hē wæs þritig-wintre on þǣre mennisc-nysse. (8) Þā worhte hē fela wundra, þæt men mihton gelȳfan þæt hē wæs Godes bearn. (9) Hē āwende wæter tō wīne, and ēode ofer sǣ mid drīum fōtum, and hē gestilde windas mid his hǣse, and hē forgēaf blindum mannum gesihþe.

(6) He was conceived without sin and spent his whole life without committing a sin. (7) He did not work any miracle in public until he was thirty-years-old in His incarnation. (8) Then he started to work many miracles, so that men could realize that he was the son of God. (9) He turned water to wine, he walked over the water with dry feet, he stopped the winds with his command and he gave back the sight to the blind.

(6) Ele foi concebido sem pecado e passou toda a sua vida sem pecar. (7) Ele não fez nenhum milagre em público até que tivesse a idade de trinta anos na Sua encarnação. (8) Então passou a fazer muitos milagres, de modo que os homens puderam perceber que ele era o filho de Deus. (9) Ele transformava água em vinho, andava sobre as águas com os pés secos, era capaz de parar os ventos com seu comando e deu de volta a visão a um homem cego.


HOUGH, Carole;  CORBETT, John. Beginnig Old English. p. 48.

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.


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